Independent Catholic Church

“Your love, Lord, reaches to the heaven, your faithfulness to the skies"

This verse from the psalm 36 explains in short and concise words what we try to live in our church community. God's love and kindness is immeasurable, He excludes no one  and he gives grace and peace to all who sincerely seek him.

Every member-single, married, in cohabitation contract or of any orientation is free to live his life according to his own life experiences and his particular personality in the service of Christ and His Church

The Idea

The Independent Catholic Church is a free, independent, non-profit and religious community within the apostolic succession. It sees it selves as a part of the one holy, catholic and apostolic Church of Jesus Christ and is committed to the tradition of the ancient church.
The Independent Catholic Church  is a an autonomous religious community, it is independent from the Roman Catholic Church. We’re offering a home in our community for those in “search” of a Church community, for example if one feels misunderstood or is not welcomed in the other Churches.

Who are we?

What we can offer

The Spiritual Path